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Your job search creativity can land you a job


Searching for a job needs more than just sending your CV to companies that are hiring. It’s not every day that you see a company advertises for a certain job in the newspapers or online job boards. But that doesn’t mean there are no vacant positions to be filled.

That’s where we come to the part of being creative when searching for a job. Don’t just wait for the companies to advertise for a job instead find a way to market yourself so that those companies can find you.


Alfred Ajani, a 22-year-old who studied Marketing at Coventry University and graduated with a 2-1 in May this year, had applied for over 300 positions and was yet to get a favorable response.

Unhappy with the situation, he decided to stand at Waterloo Station this morning and hand out CVs to people commuting into London through the station, Daily Mail reported the story

He stood at the Waterloo station’s entrance, holding up a placard stating: ‘Marketing graduate (BA Hons 2:1 Coventry Uni) Ask for CV.’

His unusual approach attracted the attention of many commuters, including company bosses, who stopped to talk with him to discuss potential positions and pick up CVs.
He has since received several phone calls from interested employers and even has a job interview already scheduled.

Why did he decide to change his job search strategy? This is what he said “I realized that there are thousands of students out there using the same old methods of applying for jobs online and through recruitment agencies and so I thought I’d try something different.

I got up early and went to the station. At first, people just looked at me but after about 10 minutes people started stopping and talking. They said they’d never seen anything like it before and were really impressed,” he says.

What do we learn from him?

1. You have to be unique.

There are thousands of job seekers out there with the same qualifications just like yours or even better grades than yours and you all waiting for the same jobs to be advertised and you apply all, how do you think will perform if it meets with thousands of other Cv’s. That’s where we come to a new strategy, just be Unique like what Alfred Ajani did. An employer likes someone with the confidence to stand out from the crowd and market himself.

2. Don’t be afraid of what others will think about you.

Well, some people are afraid to stand out and do something different in order to land a job just because they are afraid of how other people will see them, well it’s your life here other people’s thoughts are of no importance as long as you are looking for a job that will change your life. Imagine if Alfred was afraid to be laughed at by his friends for doing what he did, would he have done that? The answer is no, but he did put his fear aside and went straight to the station and advertise himself and he now has received a lot of offers and I believe he is now having a difficult time choosing which one to accept.

Final Thought

To all the job seekers out there, perhaps it’s time to employ some unconventional tactics to start getting those job interviews! Don’t sit at home and wait for opportunities to present themselves, go out there and try to find that dream job you always dream about. Start by exploring job opportunities on platforms like LinkedIn and various job boards and pick those jobs that align with your skills, experience, and qualifications. And of course, don’t forget to seek career advice to get your application material reviewed by a recruitment professional or coach.

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