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Job Opportunities in Tanzania June 2022: Mine Surveyor at Connect Space

Full Time

Connect Space

About Mine Surveyor Job

Core Objectives

To carry out skilled surveying at specified locations on allocated projects with responsibility for working within the team to provide general survey support at specified sites, performing the tasks to meet targets, set criteria and deadlines.

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Day to day responsibilities at agreed locations

– Using instruments, take readings to determine specified locations.

– Conduct surveys to obtain data used in planning mining operations.

– Survey and calculate volume of material deposits, spoil piles, or veins, overburden to be removed.

– Draft maps, drawings and create a database of survey data including development layouts, production drill mark-ups and miscellaneous layouts.

– Update relevant maps, drawings and databases with any amended information.

– Assist with feasibility assessment, taking into account appropriate criteria.

– Assist with project proposals, design layout and pick-up of drill/blast and digging areas.

– Direct and assist team members in use of electronic surveying equipment, systems, or other instruments to transfer surface survey positions and directions to underground areas and to survey designated locations.

– Compute survey and data plus maintaining accurate data/records/documentation.

– Assist with projects to ensure smooth operations.

– Ensure that projects adhere to all aspects of safety issues, including equipment.

– Contribute towards improving working operations. Ensuring compliance with health and safety and all related legal/statutory regulations, policies and procedures, codes, professional duties, responsibilities and obligations and insert as applicable.

– Effective communication of plans, providing appropriate instructions to designated team.

– Effectively liaise and communicate and maintain a good relationship with team members, contractor/suppliers and other stakeholders as required.

– Assist with assessing and allocation of required supplies.

– Assist with relevant costing/supply/budgetary reviews.

– Subject to specified criteria, general support of all project team members to ensure targets are met.

– Carry out projects in accordance with contract requirements.

– Carry out projects within time limits.

– Immediately report problems/failures that may impact on the team or the organisation to Line manager.

– Responsibly use resources and control expenses to meet budgetary controls.

– Adhere to all organisation policies and procedures.

– Set an example for team members of commitment, knowledge, work ethics and habits and personal character.

– From time to time you may be expected to be part of special projects as are reasonably required of your job role.

– You are responsible for your allocated workload and must meet all targets as agreed with your Line Manager. You must contribute towards the smooth running of the organisation generally.

Special Working Conditions

– You may be expected to work in accordance with the organisation’s overtime policies.

– The nature of your role will require you to travel within the area that your team covers. However, from time to time you may be expected to travel outside that area as the job role requires.

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